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best seller #1

The ultimate VIP Package


You and your wingman will take off in the ultimate VIP experience side-by-side in formation and head out for the ultimate aerial dog fight. On completion you will do individual aerobatics and return back to base for a formation landing.

(as seen on the Bachelor 2019)



best seller #2

Extreme Aerobatics Experience in the Extra 330LX

Top speed of 410 km/h - Climb rate of 2000ft per minute - Rated to 8Gs - Not for the faint hearted - Loops, barrel rolls, wingovers, hammerhead turns, inverted flight, hesitation roll, Cuban eights

25 minute duration - $697





Wow! A HUGE thanks! We had a fantastic time and are really looking forward to doing it again.
— Nae. Wagga Wagga
Red Baron Sydney Professional pilot team. J  Joel Haski Chief Pilot, Director and Instructor  Jared Parker Pilot  Sheree Venter  Pilot  Tien Wooi Instructor  Amir Zoghi Pilot and managing Director  Paul Tardivel Pilot  Enzo Iacono Pilot  Sam Watson Instructor

Our Experienced Pilots

Years of real hands-on experience in flying, commercial, competing, aerobatics and looking after customers and passengers, our pilots are some of Sydney’s finest, and most qualified. Our whole team is dedicated to making sure that everything you do with Red Baron is done with the highest level of professional care.

Due to our reputation of professionalism and quality, there’s no wonder some of the best names in the business work with us.

Are you looking for the experience of a lifetime for you, or someone you love? Book our adventure flight experience today, choose your level of intensity, mild flights, intense flights or for the ultimate experience our EXTREME flights

Our flights all depart from Bankstown Aerodrome – a convenient location that is only a 35 minute drive from Sydney’s CDB.

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Pitts Special S2A

Alpha 160A

Extra 330

Extra 300