Meet our team

Years of real hands-on experience in flying, commercial, competing, aerobatics and looking after customers and passengers. The whole team is all about making sure that everything you do with Red Baron is done with the highest level of professional care.

Some of the best names in the business work with us.


Amir Zoghi
CEO/Chief Pilot

Amir flew solo at the age of 16 like many young aviation enthusiasts. After finding that his passion was not to be an airline pilot, Amir found himself moving onto other career options. After leaving his aviation dreams behind, he spent most of the next 14 years building business’s and travelling the world as an International speaker and coach. After succeeding on his ventures, Amir realised that the passion of aviation was not something he could ever switch off and he endeavoured to make a return to flying and pick up where he left off. Soon enough Amir found himself at Red Baron getting his aerobatic training, followed by attaining his commercial pilots license. Today Amir is a pilot and partner at Red Baron, a regular competitor at Australian aerobatics competitions, as well as continuing to coach and speak with individuals and large groups.

Joel haski

Joel’s passion for flying was ignited when he first went gliding at the age of 16. After finishing school Joel began his formal flight training at Sydney Aerobatic School (now Red Baron) where he attained his commercial licence in 1994 and commenced flying for Red Baron Adventures.

Joel has well in excess of 5000 aerobatic flight hours as well as experience in charter and aerial photography for film and television. Joel specialises in advanced and competition aerobatic instruction when he’s not thrilling passengers on one of our Adventure Flights or performing air displays at major events.


Enzo Iacono

Enzo has been flying for over twenty years and spent much of that time as a pilot and aerobatic flight instructor. With a long list of ratings and endorsements, Enzo has flown aerobatics, formation, twin engine charter and international ferry flying, as well as flying for photographic shoots and TV commercials. Enzo continues to fly with Red Baron as an aerobatic display and adventure pilot.


Mark Thomson

Thomo’s passion for flying started twenty five years ago after playing Biggles at a primary school performance in the UK. Following completion of high school Mark joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) prior to moving to Australia and joining the Red Baron team in 2002. Mark enjoys nothing more than to take time out from his associate director role at a major financial firm and thrill adventure customers in the Pitts Special and Extra 200, minus the Biggles outfit!


Jared Parker

Jared’s passion for aviation started at a young age. From three months old Jared and his family were being flown between bases in Twin otters and the likes In remote Papua New Guinea. With his Pop also being a pilot it was just a matter of time before he followed suit. Jared started training full time in 2015 and has since worked hard to become one of our commercial Banner Tow and Scenic flight Pilots.