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Our Aircraft Fleet

Red Baron Sydney Alpha 160A


160A is the new version of the classic Robin 2160 which ceased production almost a decade ago. The Alpha 160A is a low wing monoplane, with two seats and a big bubble canopy providing exceptional all round visibility. It has an excellent power to weight ratio and the crisp handling of a sports car. The Alpha 160A is powered by a 160HP engine, cruises at 120kts and climbs at 1100 ft/min. It is capable of all standard aerobatic manoeuvres and is the most utilised spin training aircraft in Australia. It is without a doubt the best basic and aerobatic training aircraft in Australia.

The Robin 2160 is available for mild aerobatic adventure flights.

Engine: Lycoming 0-320-D2A (160hp)
Top Seed: 178kts
Cruise Speed: 120kts
Geforce Limits: +6.0g / -3.0g



The Pitts Special S2A was designed by Curtis Pitts in 1949 and has been a favourite for both competition and sport pilots ever since. The Pitts is rated fully aerobatic with structural limits of +6G and -3G and is the aircraft of choice for many national and international, top ranked aerobatic pilots.

The Pitts is available for advanced aerobatic and competition training for those pilots who have previous aerobatic experience as well as for adventure flights.

Engine: Lycoming AE10-360-ALA (200hp)
Top Speed: 184Kts
Cruise Speed: 123kts
Geforce Limits: +6.0g / -5.0g

Red Baron Sydney EXTRA 300


The Extra 300 is a single-engine one or two-seat aerobatic aircraft produced by the German manufacturer Extra Flugzeugbau. A powerful 300 horsepower engine brings the cruise speed up to 165kts and allows the pilot to perform more extreme manoeuvres. Red Baron uses the Extra 300 for requested formation flights as well as competition and aerobatic displays.

Engine: Lycoming AEIO-540-L1B5 (300hp)
Top Speed: 220kts
Cruise Speed: 165 kts
Geforce Limits: +10.0g / -10.0g 

Red Baron Sydney EXTRA 330LX

330LX (IXN)

The Extra 330LX is the highest performance aircraft that Red Baron operates and one of the most advanced aerobatic aircraft in the world. It is a two seat, tandem arrangement low wing monoplane with conventional (taildragger) landing gear. Extra 330LX's have been the aircraft of choice in several Red Bull Air Races including the 2016 and 2017 Challenger Cup where eight identical Extra 330LX’s where competed in by some of the worlds best pilots. Red Baron competes in the the Extra 330LX in local, state and national competitions as well as performing aerial displays and formation flights. We also use this aircraft for the most extreme adventure flights.

Engine: Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A (315hp)
Top Speed: 220kts
Cruise speed: 170kts
Geforce Limits: +10.0g / -10.0g