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Can I buy a Gift Voucher?

Yes. Our Flight Vouchers are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase and can be left open dated or booked for a specific date. All flight and price information is available here.

Can I get a video of my flight?

Yes. We film each adventure flight with GoPro Hero 7 Blacks with two camera angles (front view of passenger and wing view). Two SD cards are supplied with a USB drive.

Is aerobatics safe?

Any flying has inherent risk. At Red Baron we maintain high standards of maintenance and pilot training to ensure passenger safety. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulates all charter activity in Australia. Red Baron is fully compliant with all CASA charter regulations.

Do a lot of people get sick doing aerobatics?

A very small number of people are prone to motion sickness. We estimate less than 10% of our passengers experience discomfort during our flights. Hot weather increases the risk marginally. We discourage people from drinking fizzy drinks prior to a flight and suggest they have a light breakfast. There are motion sickness bags in the aircraft for every flight.

Where do we do the aerobatics?

The aerobatic flights is conducted in an area called the Training Area. This is airspace designated for training flights and aerobatics. It is a vast area located between St Marys’, the foothills of the Blue Mountains and Warragamba Dam.

Can my friends watch me doing aerobatics?

Unfortunately there are no good viewing areas for people to watch passengers doing the 30 minute aerobatic flight. This flight takes place over a large area in Western Sydney. Family and friends are welcome to come along and watch as the passenger boards the aircraft and takes off. We have a comfortable reception area where they can await their return.

For Sydney Harbour and Northern Beaches flights there are vantage points around the Harbour and along the peninsular foreshore. On these flights there is only a small amount of aerobatics done. On the Combined Scenic and Aerobatic Flight there is an extended aerobatics session performed over Broken Bay. The Barrenjoey lighthouse is a good vantage point for this display.

Red Baron regularly performs professional, low-level display flights over Sydney’s eastern and northern beaches however these cannot be done with passengers.

What if it’s raining on the day of my booking?

Red Baron does its best to honour bookings on the day the passenger wishes to fly allowing for weather conditions, aircraft serviceability and pilot availability.

If this is the case, a member of our staff will be in touch as soon as possible to reschedule your booking to another date or time. For more information, please view our Terms and Conditions.

Can I get a refund for my voucher if I can’t use it?

Red Baron does not issue refunds, so please choose wisely. You are welcome to transfer your voucher to someone else with and administration fee of $30. For more information, please view our Terms and Conditions.

Can I take a camera?

Yes and no. We do not allow you take a camera on aerobatic flights. You can take a camera on scenic flights however it must have a wrist strap. We will ask you to leave the case behind. Compact cameras are preferred. For all flights, particularly the aerobatic flights, we recommend purchasing our HD video footage of the experience.

How long is the overall experience?

Our flights range from 30 minutes to 70 minutes in length. We ask passengers to be here around 15 minutes prior to their designated flight time. Your entire Red Baron experience may range from one to two hours depending on which flight you have chosen.

How many passengers can the aircraft take?

The Pitts Special Bi-Plane, The Red Bull Extra and the Robin 2160 all take one (1) passenger and one (1) pilot. For more information about our aircraft click here.

What is a formation flight?

When two aircraft fly together it is called “flying in formation”. Pilots must undertake special training to be qualified to fly in formation. In a formation one pilot is designated leader and the other other pilot is the wingman. Red Baron regularly performs formation aerobatics displays off Sydney’s beaches and at Air Shows.

Is this a suitable activity for children?

No. This activity is not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Is this activity suitable for older people?

Red Baron has taken many septuagenarian and octogenarian passengers flying. As long as the passenger does not suffer significant health problems they can fly with us. Please call us to discuss you specific need and if you have concerns about whether this is a suitable gift for the recipient please seek appropriate medical advice.

Can I buy a T-Shirt?

We have a full range of Red Baron merchandise for sale including T-Shirts, caps, mugs, key rings and pins.

What is a G-Force and how many will I ‘pull’ during the aerobatic flight?

The “G-Force” is the force resulting from acceleration; 1 g (pronounced gee) is defined as acceleration of the same magnitude as the value of the acceleration due to gravity on Earth at sea level. [ref:]

Positive “G” makes you feel heavier. Negative “G” makes you feel lighter. At zero “G” you are weightless. In aerobatics, when an aircraft is doing a loop it creates positive “G”, which push you into your seat – just like a centrifuge. If the aircraft does a manoeuvre like an outside loop – ie. the cockpit is facing out of the circle – negative “G” is generated, pulling you away from the seat into the harness. Our aircraft are rated between +6 and -3g. During the Aerobatics flight passengers may experience G forces as high as +5. During the Red Bull Air Race pilots have experienced up to 11 G!

Who was The Red Baron in real life?

Baron Manfred Von Richthofen was a WW1 German fighter pilot. He is recognised as one of the best pilots of his day with more than 80 ‘kills’ to his credit. He was shot down over France in 1917 by Australian gunners. For more information about Baron Von Richthofen see our About page.

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