1. Aviation Reference Number (ARN)

Once the have started flying, the next step is applying for an Aviation Reference Number (ARN). An aviation reference number (ARN) is similar to an account or customer number. You will need an ARN if you hold, or intend to hold, any licence, permission or authorisation with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

You can apply for the ARN here

2. Medical Certificate

In order for a pilot to exercise the privileges of their licence, they must hold a current medical certificate issued by CASA. When you are just starting out, there are no medical requirements for learning to fly when you are in the aircraft with your flight instructor. If you have any relevant medical conditions or history, you should consider discussing this with us before starting to fly, especially if you intend to become a professional pilot. Safety is paramount for you and others, so it is essential to be fully prepared.

A valid medical certificate must be issued before you can fly solo. We recommend starting the application process early into your training as can often take several weeks for the application to be processed.

There are a few different class’s of medical certificates:

  • Class 1 Medical Certificate - enables the use of your licence for commercial operations. It is a good idea to undergo a Class 1 medical before starting commercial training to make sure you meet the requirements before spending your money on the training. These are normally valid for 1 year and include a class 2 medical certificate which are normally valid for four years. If you do not plan to fly commercially you only need a Class 2 medical certificate.

  • The Class 2 Medical Certificate enables the use of your Pilot's Licence in wide range of aircraft types. It is obtained by application online and medical by Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME).

  • The Basic Class 2 Medical Certificate is more limited and allows you to use of your Pilot's Licence to fly piston engine powered aircraft (limited to the visual flight rules) carrying up to five non-fare paying passengers in wide range of aircraft types. It is obtained by application online and a medical by a medical practitioner or DAME).

A interactive flow chart is available here to help show the application process.

Once you have your ARN number you can login to the Medical Records System (MRS) and start the application process. You will be required to enter previous health data as part of the application process. There is also a $75.00 processing fee so have your credit card handy.

You can apply for the medical here

3. Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)

To be granted airside access to Bankstown aerodrome and many other aerodromes that you may fly to in your training/recreation you are required to have a ASIC card. When you start your training your instructor will have an ASIC card and will supervise you while airside. Before you go solo you will need to have been granted an ASIC card.

You will need to have a valid medical certificate before you can apply for the ASIC. From initial application to receiving the card can take several weeks so we recommend applying for the card as soon as you receive your medical certificate. The application process involves submitting a form as well as proof of identity to the CASA ASIC team. When background checks are complete your ASIC card will be sent to a local representative at Bankstown airport. You will arrange a meeting and take your original proof of identity documents in to be verified. Once your documents are verified they will issue you the ASIC card. ASIC’s cards are valid for two years.

You can apply for the ASIC here

3. Books and Reading Materials

Red Baron wil provide a relavent booklet for practical side of the course you are undertaking. (These are also available for download on the pilot information page) Depending what licence you are working towards will depend on what textbooks we recommend.

Always speak to your instructor about what textbooks they recommend for you. Generally we recommend the Aviation Theory Centre (ATC) Books.

For the RPL(A) Exam (RPL) we recommend the ATC Student Pilot Kit.

The pack contains the three text books as well as a Pilots Log Book and is cheaper then buying them all individually. You can find this pack at the local aviation store Concept Aviation.

For the PPL/CPL exams we recommend the ATC PPL/CPL KIT.

This pack includes 7 textbooks to help you study for the PPL exam or the seven CPL exams. Generally, each chapter in the books start with fundamentals for PPL and then split off into more in depth knowledge for CPL.

You can find this pack at the local aviation store Concept Aviation. 

We run theory courses based on demand several times a year. If you are interested in doing our next course just let us know!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us or talk to your instructor!