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Alpha 160A

The Alpha 160A is the new version of the classic Robin 2160 which ceased production almost a decade ago. The Alpha 160A is a low wing monoplane, with two seats and a big bubble canopy providing exceptional all round visibility. It has an excellent power to weight ratio and the crisp handling of a sports car. The Alpha 160A is powered by a 160HP engine, cruises at 120kts and climbs at 1100 ft/min. It is capable of all standard aerobatic manoeuvres and is the most utilised spin training aircraft in Australia. It is without a doubt the best basic and aerobatic training aircraft in Australia. Red Baron acquired brand new Alpha 160A aircraft between 2007 and 2009 and is used in our Recreational Pilots Licence (RPL)Private Pilot Licence (PPL), Night VFR RatingBasic Aerobatics and Upset Recovery & EMT Courses.



Pitts Special S2A

Red Baron operates the Pitts Special S2A aerobatic bi-plane. The aircraft was designed by Curtis Pitts in 1949 and has been a favourite for both competition and sport pilots ever since. The Pitts is rated fully aerobatic with structural limits of +6G and -3G and is the aircraft of choice for many national and international, top ranked aerobatic pilots. The Pitts is available for advanced Aerobatics and competition training for those pilots who have previous aerobatic experience.




Extra 200

Red Baron Flight Training operates the Extra 200 high performance aerobatic aircraft, similar to those used in the Red Bull Air Race. These aircraft are available for advanced Aerobatics and competition training for pilots who have previous aerobatic experience.




General Avia F22 Pinguino

The General Avia F22 is the baby brother of the Siai Marchetti SF260 both of which were designed by Stelio Frati as military training aircraft.  Powered by a 180hp engine with a variable pitch propeller and featuring a retractable undercarriage the F22 is fully aerobatic and handles like a fighter aircraft. The F22 is used by Red Baron for CPL training and CSU & Retractable Undercarriage design feature endorsements. 


Citabria 7GCBC

The Citabria is a light single-engine, two-seat, fixed gear airplane which entered production in the United States in 1964. Designed for flight training, utility and personal use, it is capable of sustaining aerobatic stresses from +5g to -2g. It’s name spelled backwards, "airbatic", reflects this.  Red Baron uses the Citabria for Tailwheel Endorsement training as well as Banner Towing operations.



Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee

The Cherokee is a single engine, four seat, light aircraft designed for flight training, air taxi, and personal use.  It is equipped with an Aspen avionics suite and Garmin GTN 650 GPS.


Cessna 182P 

The C182 is a single engine, four seat, light aircraft designed for flight training, air taxi, and personal use.  The Aircraft is now fitted with a GNS 650 GPS, Aspin 1000 pro HIS and GTX 330 Mode S ADS-B Transponder which makes it a pleasure to fly.  The C182 is used for Red Baron's CSU endorsements and CPL training.  


All of the above aircraft are available for hire.  See our Rates & Charges for details.  Contact Red Baron for further enquiries or to make a booking.