If you have your heart set on a career as a Pilot in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), whether as a fast jet pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force, or rotary wing pilot in the Royal Australian Navy or Australian Army, the Red Baron Flight Training CRAM Course is for you.

Over the past 20 years Red Baron Flight Training (formerly Sydney Aerobatic School) has helped hundreds of ADF aircrew applicants realise their dreams. Although hands-on flight experience is not a pre-requisite for Flight Screening, having several hours of quality flying training identical to that taught by the Australian Defence Force Basic Flying Training School (ADFBFTS) is highly advantageous, even if you already have logged many hours of flying and hold a PPL or CPL.

Our CRAM course also prepares you for the ADF Pilot Selection Agency Officer Selection Board (OSB). You are given tips and tricks on how to prepare and present yourself for the OSB.

The ADF Pilot selection process is highly competitive. Wouldn’t you want people who have been there to guide you through this process? When you fly with us you are being taught the same military techniques, principles and procedures we use in our civilian flying training courses. Our organisation was founded by a former RAAF Fighter Combat Instructor who introduced these military style techniques which are still used at our school today.

Several of our Adventure Pilots and instructors are former serving military aircrew and include a former RAAF Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI). Many current serving ADF Pilots also fly with us for recreation on a regular basis and are often on hand to help answer your questions and give quality advice.


The CRAM course is divided into 2 streams;

1. CRAM BASIC – This course is designed for basic Flight Screening Program (FSP) candidates with little or no flying experience. You must have less than 10 hours total experience prior to FSP.

2. CRAM INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED – Designed for those candidates who have more than 10 hours experience. The focus in this course is to ‘unlearn’ the bad habits you would have gained in your civilian flying training and instil good flying habits and techniques expected at Flight Screening.

Both courses are based on 5 hours of flying. However you may elect to fly more or less hours depending on your performance and of course, budget. Both courses cover ALL aspects of the Flight Screening Program and include stalling, basic aerobatics, unusual attitude recoveries, spinning and circuits as well as OSB preparation.


For the CRAM Course we use the Alpha 160A aircraft, a modern 2-seat aerobatic trainer. This aircraft handles similar to and performs identical to the CT4B used at Flight Screening. All of our previous CRAM course students have commented that they found the CT4B very easy to fly and handle after flying the Alpha.


There is no upfront commitment or outlay. Each flight in the Alpha 160A, including briefings, costs $600 (incl. GST). The CRAM course includes briefings and course material that is outside the normal licence training syllabus.


You choose when you like to fly. There are no set course dates and we operate 7 days a week. We highly recommend doing the CRAM course once you have been given a Flight Screening date although it is advantageous do some flying prior to submitting your initial application to show some level of motivation. Simply email us at contact@redbaron.com.au or call on (02) 9791 0643 to make a booking.

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