Rusty Pilot Program

It’s Flight Training For Grown Ups

If you have held a licence in the past and are looking to getting current again the Red Baron Rusty Pilots Program is designed for you. It can often be daunting to get back in the cockpit after several years on the ground. Red Baron (formerly Sydney Aerobatic School) has been training pilots for over 30 years. We routinely see pilots stay on the ground because it feels like getting back in the sky is too difficult.


Red Baron aims to change this with our Rusty Pilot Program (RPP). We have designed the program from the ground up to cater for PILOTS. We understand that you know how to fly. We are here to help refresh the procedural aspect, as well as some of the stick and rudder skills.

Our headquarters are located at Bankstown Airport, Sydney. Bankstown airport provides a great opportunity build confidence on the radio as well as refresh operations at a controlled airport. The ATC are forgiving and as we have class Charlie airspace right above us we can easily practice the different scenarios you may encounter in your own flying.

The RPP syllabus; 10 flights; approx $6000*

  1. General Handling/Introduction
    This flight will cover the handling of the Alpha 160 as well as operations in and out of Bankstown and help refresh your general stick and rudder skills.

  2. Upset Recovery and Aerobatic Introduction
    Get a taste of our advanced training techniques. We will teach you our advanced stalling technique, how to recovery from unusual attitudes and demonstrate to you the world of aerobatics (aerobatics are optional).

  3. Circuits (dual)

  4. Circuits (dual)

  5. Circuits (dual/solo)
    Three sessions of dual circuits will build your confidence to fly solo again as well as re-familiarise you with operations in class D airspace.

  6. Circuits (Solo)
    Re-capture that feeling of your first solo! Many student report that their second, first solo was just as good.

  7. Navigation Exercise (dual)
    You will depart Bankstown and head east for a Sydney harbour scenic, before heading down the coast via victor one and landing at Wollongong (YWOL). This navigation flight is an excellent opportunity to revise your radio, nav and CTAF skills as well as enjoy the incredible views Sydney and the south coast have to offer.

  8. Navigation Exercise one (dual)
    Your instructor and you will pick a location for the second navigation exercise. You will be able to refine navigation techniques including lost procedures and diversions.

  9. Navigation Exercise two: EFB and CTA introduction (dual)
    This lesson includes an introduction to electronic flight bags and how to best utilise them in the cockpit environment. You will also be introduced to CTA departures/arrivals and other operations in controlled airspace.

  10. Navigation Exercise three (ICUS)
    This is your opportunity to prove you have all the necessary skills to fly and navigate solo. If this flight goes well you will be singed off to fly solo again**

Congratulations, by this point you will be confident to fly with friends and family and get back in the skies. You will also have had a solid introduction itnto flying the Alpha 160A’s and may be interested in continuing your training by completing our Basic Aerobatics Course (BAC). The BAC is 9 flight course that will greatly sharpen your general handing skills and teach you how to complete aerobatic manoeuvres like loops, aileron rolls, hammerheads, wingovers, spins and more!

We also have advanced training options that you may be interested in like constant speed unit (CSU), retractable undercarriage, tailwheel undercarriage and more.

*Quoted price is an estimate based on the hours expected to be flown. 10hrs dual, 3 hrs solo and 4 ground briefings. Quoted price is based on the Alpha 160 and instructor rates as of October 2018. Prices are subject to change. Total cost may differ student to student.
**Students will only be signed of if competency requirements are met. Red Baron, aerobatic aircraft are only available for hire to customers who have completed our Basic Aerobatics Course (BAC). Some Red Baron non-aerobatic aircraft may be hired after the completion of the RPP course.

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