Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)

A Recreational Pilots Licence allows you to take your friends and family flying within your local flying area.

The Red Baron RPL is a little more unique however. Our RPL holders are able to fly aerobatics, to spin and recover, and to fly all normal manoeuvres to a very high standard. And they get to carry their family and friends whilst doing it!

Red Baron incorporates all elements of the Basic Aerobatics Course and the Upset Recovery Course into the RPL!

All lessons in the RPL at Red Baron are conducted in the awesome Alpha 160A aircraft.

The first 30 hours of your pilot training is the most important flying you will ever do. It is during this time you learn the basic skills, control techniques and mental attitudes, which form the foundation for your future flying. Incorrect techniques, misinformation and unnecessary limitations learned during this period are difficult and costly to correct later.

In addition to the practical training, we also provide all the necessary theory in addition to pre-flight briefings to prepare you for the 3 exams you must pass, including the RPL exam which tests Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK). This means you don’t need to seek out external theory training providers. All theory is given here at the school by highly experienced instructors.

The Red Baron Flight Training RPL course is not minimum standard flight training course; it is a high performance pilot training course designed to teach you superior flying skill and instil confidence in your abilities as a pilot.

The table shows a comparison between Red Baron Flight Training RPL flight training and a CASA ‘minimum standard’ course.


RPL COURSE COST - $16,479* (including GST)

*Cost estimate based on 27 dual and 7 solo flights, all tutorials and briefings, Airservices Australia and airport landing fees and charges. Some students may be GST exempt such as 150-hour CPL course students. If remedial training is required additional flights are charged at our standard rates.

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