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Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Imagine flying your family and friends to the Hunter Valley for lunch, sight seeing over Sydney Harbour, or taking them for a flying trip to see Uluru. Well you can once you have a PPL! Australia is a very large country with almost every conceivable type of terrain, weather conditions and airways procedures. Because of this Red Baron Flight Training’s PPL Course is designed to maximise your capacity as a pilot to navigate unfamiliar terrain with confidence.

Our course utilises simple yet very effective and proven military navigation techniques which make you a far more competent cross country pilot. With the attainment of your PPL you will be able to navigate anywhere around Australia with confidence and show your friends and family the amazing places and sights our beautiful country has to offer.

Our PPL course is divided into three distinct phases which includes 8 dual and 3 solo cross country navigation exercises.

  1. PHASE ONE  -  Covers pure navigation techniques. Each lesson is conducted outside controlled airspace to minimise procedures so you can learn to navigate properly from the beginning.
  2. PHASE TWO  -  Consists of low-level navigation techniques.
  3. PHASE THREE  -  Focuses on controlled airspace procedures and radio navigation aids. At the conclusion of phase three you are ready for your license test and ready to navigate confidently anywhere in Australia.

Prior to being recommended for the PPL flight test, PPL students must pass CASA's PPL Theory exam which covers subjects including Flight Rules & Air Law, Operations, Performance & Procedures, Flight Planning,  Meteorology, Navigation, Human Factors and Aircraft General Knowledge.  Red Baron runs 10 day PPL Theory Courses at various times throughout the year. Check out our Upcoming Events for future course dates and contact us to register your interest in attending. 

After you have obtained your PPL, you have the option of adding endorsements and ratings to your licence.  We recommend you look into our Night VFR Rating course. The additional skills you will take away from the NVFR course will be invaluable to you as a private pilot.

PPL COURSE COST - $10,300* (including GST)

*Includes all briefings, Airservices Australia and airport landing fees and charges. Some students may be GST exempt such as 150-hour CPL course students. If remedial training is required additional flights are charged at our standard rates. Does not include the PPL flight test.

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