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Night VFR Rating

The Night VFR (NVFR) Rating is the perfect add on to your PPL or CPL and opens up a whole new dimension to your flying. Flying at night is one of the more magical and memorable forms of flying one can do. Also as a holder of this rating you won’t need to stress about getting home before last light.

Red Baron’s NVFR course goes well beyond the minimum CASA requirements and is one of the best out there!  Our syllabus is divided into three phases each of which consists of in depth tutorials and briefings.

  1. PHASE ONE - Teaches instrument flying techniques, general handling including night circuits and emergency handling at night.

  2. PHASE TWO - Consists of night visual navigation techniques.

  3. PHASE THREE - Focuses on radio aid navigation including the use of VOR, NDB and GPS.

At the conclusion of phase three you will thoroughly prepared for your NVFR flight test.  More importantly, you will be able to navigate at night with a high level of confidence and competence anywhere in Australia.

The night rating is conducted in either the Alpha 160A or Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee.  We also utilise the CR-12 synthetic flight trainer to minimise the cost of the course.



(including GST)

*Cost estimate based on 13 hours dual instruction and 1 solo flight, all tutorials and briefings, Airservices Australia and airport landing fees and charges. Some students may be GST exempt such as 150-hour CPL course students. If remedial training is required additional flights are charged at our standard rates.

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