Formation Flying

Learn the art of formation flying and hone your skills with the formation experts who teach what they do! Red Baron pilots are often seen over Sydney performing aerobatic formation displays or flying in formation at major events. Our formation pilots have even featured on television and in the media.

We have ‘The Right Stuff’ when it comes to flying in formation and can teach you how to formation fly like a real military pilot. 

We conduct two Formation Courses in the Alpha 160A aircraft
Formation Basic Course

At the conclusion of the Formation Basic Course  graduates will be eligible for a CASR Part 61 Formation Flight Activity Endorsement. This course involves a minimum of 6 hours of flying plus briefings and focuses on developing the formation fundamentals required of both a lead pilot and wingman in a two-ship formation. During this course you will work on station maintenance, station changing, re-join procedures, manoeuvring in formation, formation circuits, take-offs and landings. Your instructors will also develop your briefing skills, confidence and overall flying accuracy.

Cost: As standards of flying vary between pilots some will achieve the required standard before others so an accurate cost is not available. The Formation Basic Course is based on a minimum of 6 hours and 6 long briefings charged at our standard rates. As you will need a formation partner the course should be done concurrently with another student otherwise you will need to hire another formation instructor and aircraft for the duration of the course.

Minimum Requirements:

  • An RPL or higher is a pre-requisite to the Formation Basic course.

Formation Advanced Course

The Formation Advanced Course further develops your formation flying skills and techniques in multiple aircraft formations (up to 5 aircraft) and introduces you to basic aerobatic formation flying. The Formation Advanced syllabus includes a minimum of 6 hours flying and 6 long briefings charged at our standard rates.

Following successful completion of this course graduates will be eligible for a CASR Part 61 Formation Aerobatic Flight Activity Endorsement.

Minimum Requirements

  • Formation Basic Course the Red Baron Basic Aerobatics Course.

For more information or to register your interest please contact the Red Baron Team.

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