Red Baron Sydney EXTRA 300


The Extra 300 is a single-engine one or two-seat aerobatic aircraft produced by the German manufacturer Extra Flugzeugbau. The Extra 300 is a larger, higher powered development of the extra 200. A powerful 300 horsepower engine brings the cruise speed up to 165kts and allows the pilot to perform more extreme manoeuvres. Red Baron uses the Extra 300 for flight training as well as competition and aerobatic displays. Once a pilot master’s the Extra 200 the Extra 300 is a perfect stepping stone before progressing the the even larger Extra 330LX.  

Engine: Lycoming AEIO-540-L1B5 (300hp)
Top Speed: 220kts
Cruise Speed: 165 kts
Geforce Limits: +10.0g / -10.0g