Critical Reactions to
Arrive Safely Home

This one is for the wives and girlfriends (W.A.Gs) and husbands and boyfriends (H.A.Bs) of pilots or for those who go on regular flights with friends and family but have no flying experience.

Ever wondered what you would do if your partner became incapacitated or was no longer able to fly the aeroplane? How do you control the aircraft? How would you get down? How do you land? Who would you talk to or ask for assistance?

If your answer was along the lines of “I have no idea” then this course if for you! 

Our C.R.A.S.H course is conducted throughout the year by very experienced instructors who will give you the necessary skills to control an aeroplane and land it safely should ever you need to take control. They will provide advice on how to deal with the stress and pressures such a situation can put you under. The course also covers survival techniques and First Aid principles. Several of our instructors are trained in military aircrew combat survival.

The C.R.A.S.H. course is covered over two days and includes briefings and practical flying exercises including aircraft handling, emergency drills and aircraft radio procedures.

We utilise the Alpha 160A aircraft for this course. At the completion of this course you may wish to do some more flying with one of our instructors in your partner’s aeroplane so that you become familiar with that aeroplanes operating systems.

Next Course Date: TBA - contact us to register your interest.

Cost: $990 (including GST)

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