Constant Speed Unit &
Retractable Undercarriage

The Constant Speed Unit (CSU) is the design feature that more powerful and efficient aircraft use in order to better utilise the power produced by the engine. The unit allows the propeller blade to change its angle of attack to take a more effective stroke through the air and to utilise the torque of the engine more efficiently.

The CSU is found in aircraft such as the Cessna 182, Cessna 206, Pitts S2A and the Extra 200/330. If you are wanting to fly these aeroplanes this design feature is a must!

The CSU design feature endorsement is required for all pilots wanting to attain a Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL).


The Retractable Undercarriage Endorsement is done as part of the CSU training.  This is also a design feature endorsement which must be obtained before flying any aircraft with a retractable undercarriage.  

Our CSU & Retractable Undercarriage training is completed in the General Avia F22.

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