Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)


Already have a Private Pilots Licence and have (or nearly have) 200 hours logged? Thought of getting your CPL? Red Baron can prepare you for the CPL, including the necessary theoretical and practical components of the licence.

Our CPL training focuses on scenario based navigation exercises. During this training you will be given tasks a commercial pilot may be required to undertake in an operational environment. Throughout your training you will be exposed to a wide variety of commercial situations, such as charter, aerial survey, photography and joyflights. We will give you the experience and skills necessary to make your transition to commercial flying as smooth as possible. Commercial considerations like managing passengers, efficiency and time management and working in a commercial environment are also covered.

Red Baron’s course and related social activities, such as flyaways, are structured and designed to give our CPL student ample opportunities to work towards the pilot in command flight time required by CASA.

Class of 2013 – Our CPL students and instructors after an epic four day command building flyaway down to Tasmania and back. Four days, forty hours flight time & one unforgettable experience.
Before a student can be recommended for their CPL flight test, they must pass seven CPL theory exams. These include Navigation, Meteorology, Human Factors, Flight Rules & Air Law, Aerodynamics, Aircraft General Knowledge (AGK) and Operation, Performance & Flight Planning.  These can be self studied or studied in a variety of ways including Red Baron Theory Courses, TAFE or with private tutors. Red Baron’s intensive CPL theory courses, covering all seven subjects, are available in our modern classroom facilities. Course dates are scheduled subject to demand so contact us to register your interest.See News & Events for more photos and details on our flyaways.

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Our CPL students also undertake training for a Night VFR Rating during their CPL course.  There are a number of advantages in doing a NVFR Rating at this point in your training.

Employers look at holders of Night VRF Rating more favourably as you are not restricted to day only operations.
The instrument flying and navigational aid activities you will practice during this training will assist you during your CPL flight test and future flying.
The training during this course will make it much easier to attain your Instrument Rating.
Instrument Rating only holders are not able to conduct Night VFR charter operations unless they have relevant Night VFR aeronautical experience which is attained during this course.

For more information and other flight training enquiries contact us.  We can arrange for one of our instructors to call you and discuss your goals and options. Alternatively you can make a booking to meet with our CFI and have a look at Red Baron's aircraft and facilities. 

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