Let Loose Your Adventurous Side with Aerobatic Joy Flights Near Canberra

Have you dreamt of flying through the air like a bird? Are you a thrill-seeker with a taste for adventure? With Red Baron’s air race joy flights, you can experience the sky like never before and let loose your adventurous side. Based in Sydney, our aerobatic joy flights are the perfect adrenaline fuelled getaway for Canberra locals who are seeking exciting ways to spend their holiday. We’ve been running amazing flight experiences for many years and have a reputation for our safety, professionalism and fun. We use small bi-planes for all our flights to really let you feel the ride and have expert pilots with hours of flight experience on their side.

Air Race Joy Flights for Every Kind of Thrill-Seeker

Spin, loop and roll through the air like never before. All of our flight packages include aerobatic adventures at various levels of excitement. If you’re a milder personality, our scenic flights will take you over some of the most beautiful scenes in Sydney and include gentle aerobatic manoeuvres. For the wilder ones, try our adventure flights featuring all the aerobatic manoeuvres you’ve always wanted to try. Or to really get the blood pumping our intense aerobatic flights will take you on a high-speed journey to feel what it’s really like as an air pilot in stunt shows.

Book Your Own Canberra Adventure Today

For over 30 years Red Baron have been Sydney’s trusted provider of aerobatic joy flights. We’ve catered to tourists throughout Australia, from Canberra to Newcastle and even further. Whether you’re seeking an adventure for yourself or as an exciting gift for friends and family, our team are happy to help. Get in touch on 1800 233 733 for more information or to book your air race joy flights.