What do you want to gain from your experience?

Upon booking, your answer to this questions will be the basis of the aircraft and flight experience you will have for your coaching session.

Your flight experience could be either of the below;

  • The Mild Aerobatic Harbour Flight.

  • The Intense Scenic Harbour Adventure Flight.

  • The Extreme Adrenaline Aerobatic Flight.

Both flight experiences included one on one coaching with Amir before, during and after the flight.


client experiences

“I had received the flight as a gift and immediately jumped at the extreme or acrobatic experience. 

Amir was great to explain all of the processes and instructions of the flight while we prepared. He made me feel at ease and showed me that he is a competent and knowledgeable pilot. 

I felt totally at ease with the takeoff and the views were amazing. The flight got more exciting by the minute, starting with a few basic maneuvers. The feeling of G forces were exciting and coupled with the views, made for an unexpected flight. 

I feel that throughout my life, I had experienced some adrenaline filled sports but this was next level. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my flight and would love to do another over the ocean. Thanks again for a fantastic flight!”

- Karl James

“My air coaching experience was awesome. I chose the ultimate experience and I loved the plane, loved the views and most importantly, loved the life lesson I got out of it.”

- Harold Quinones

“Profoundly new...and beautifully one with the experience… Do I recommend a coaching flight with Amir at Red Baron? ABSOLUTELY!!”

- Suze Soutter