Flight Training Testimonials



I have done all my training from basic aerobatics to PPL with Red Baron, and formerly Sydney Aerobatics. Every minute has been a pleasure (yes, even that first solo spin). Just a wonderful community of pilots who live, eat and breathe flying.

 - Chris


What first drew me to fly at Red Baron was reading through their site and actually understanding why it was important for me to be a "good pilot", rather than just a "pilot". My confidence as pilot is at a complete new level after training with Red Baron, and I have to say my love for flying only gets stronger when I fly with people who truly love what they do! I once heard that "like attracts like", so if you want to fly with like minded instructors who fly because they love to and not because they need to qualify hours or experience, you may not need to look anywhere else.

Furthermore, when I joined Red Baron I heard so much about the theory courses offered that I decided to sign up to the PPL theory course, even though I already had my PPL. I have to say, I felt so much more complete as a private pilot after Matt shared his experience and wisdom about flying. I found myself both learning and understanding, what I thought I already knew.  

My only regret is not starting to fly at Red Baron earlier!

 - Amir


After an intro flying lesson at a school in Camden and then feeling unsure some friends in the industry advised me to seek out Red Baron, and I'm glad they did!

As someone who was new to Aviation finding the right flying school consisted of searching the Internet to see who had the slickest site or boasted the greatest claims as a level of the company's quality right?...wrong. It takes only one lesson at Red Baron to see how much you'll gain by learning to fly with them. The quality of their instructors, aircraft, syllabus, and students speaks volumes about the organization’s people, operation and values.

The Red Baron PPL Theory course was in-line with Red Baron's other training offerings I've experienced, in a word "Premium", and helped me pass the BAK and PPL Theory exams within a two week period.

Red Baron go well beyond the CASA requirements, it's not until you master some of these advanced flying techniques that you understand how important this knowledge is.

I recommend Red Baron to all newcomers and pilots alike looking to further their flying abilities.

 - Dannel


After attaining my PPL at another Sydney based fight training organisation, and feeling confident that I had been taught everything I needed to know, I decided to further my training by doing aerobatics. Red Baron was recommended to me.

After my first aerobatic lesson at Red Baron, I quickly realised that my previous training was very inadequate and I had missed out on some vital training and aircraft handling discipline that could someday save my life.

After several months of training with Red Baron, a lot of that time spent fixing bad habits instilled in me from the previous flight training organisation, I attained my basic aerobatics endorsement.  I am now safe in the knowledge that the Red Baron instructors have helped rectify my previous training and made me a safer, better and more confident pilot.

In hindsight I wish I had completed all my training with Red Baron. It would have saved me a lot of money and I would not have had to spend so much time correcting mistakes from the flight training organisation where I attained my PPL. 

I highly recommend Red Baron.

 - Sally


I decided to begin my flying career with Red Baron after having them recommended by a former CPL student I met. I went for my first flight and was immediately enthusiastic about continuing flying there. I went right through and completed my CPL including NVFR and am currently in the NT flying charter. That was the direction I chose, however Red Baron are proficient in catering for pilots in many different disciplines of flying.

Red Baron operate well maintained aircraft and are always hangared. The Alphas are a fantastic aeroplane and I particularly enjoyed and valued the aerobatics I was taught during GFPT, amongst the other areas of training. The instructors are experienced pilots and aren’t there just to build hours, they all care about your progress and will help you to achieve your goals.

I would highly recommend Red Baron to anyone looking to fulfil their flying ambitions.

 - Dan