ADF Flight Screening Prep (Flight Training CRAM Course)



If you have your heart set on a career as a Pilot in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), whether as a fast jet pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force, or rotary wing pilot in the Royal Australian Navy or Australian Army, the Red Baron Flight Training Cram Course is for you.

Over the past 20 years Red Baron Flight Training (formerly Sydney Aerobatic School) has helped hundreds of ADF aircrew applicants realise their dreams.

Although hands-on flight experience is not a pre-requisite for Flight Screening, having several hours of quality flying training identical to that taught by the Australian Defence Force Basic Flying Training School (ADFBFTS) is highly advantageous, even if you already have logged many hours of flying and hold a PPL or CPL.

Our CRAM course also prepares you for the ADF Pilot Selection Agency Officer Selection Board (OSB). You are given tips and tricks on how to prepare and present yourself for the OSB.


The ADF Pilot selection process is highly competitive. Wouldn't you want people who have been there to guide you through this process?

When you fly with us you are being taught the same military techniques, principles and procedures we use in our civilian flying training courses. Our organisation was founded by a former RAAF Fighter Combat Instructor who introduced these military style techniques which are still used at our school today.

Several of our Adventure Pilots and instructors are former serving military aircrew and include a former RAAF Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI). Many current serving ADF Pilots also fly with us for recreation on a regular basis and are often on hand to help answer your questions and give quality advice.



The CRAM course is divided into 2 streams;

1. CRAM BASIC – This course is designed for basic Flight Screening Program (FSP) candidates with little or no flying experience. You must have less than 10 hours total experience prior to FSP.

2. CRAM INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED – Designed for those candidates who have more than 10 hours experience. The focus in this course is to 'unlearn' the bad habits you would have gained in your civilian flying training and instil good flying habits and techniques expected at Flight Screening.

Both courses are based on 5 hours of flying. However you may elect to fly more or less hours depending on your performance and of course, budget. Both courses cover ALL aspects of the Flight Screening Program and include stalling, basic aerobatics, unusual attitude recoveries, spinning and circuits as well as OSB preparation.



For the CRAM Course we use the Alpha 160A aircraft, a modern 2-seat aerobatic trainer. This aircraft handles similar to and performs identical to the CT4B used at Flight Screening.

All of our previous CRAM course students have commented that they found the CT4B very easy to fly and handle after flying the Alpha.




There is no upfront commitment or outlay. Each flight in the Alpha 160A, including briefings, costs $600 (incl. GST). The CRAM course includes briefings and course material that is outside the normal licence training syllabus.  



You choose when you like to fly. There are no set course dates and we operate 7 days a week. We highly recommend doing the CRAM course once you have been given a Flight Screening date although it is advantageous do some flying prior to submitting your initial application to show some level of motivation. Simply email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on (02) 9791 0643 to make a booking.



Hey Mike,

Just letting you know that I got back on Saturday from FSP and they told me that I have 'above average ability at flying with good leadership and officer potential, and with your recommendation you are competitive in the pool'. Just wanna say thanks for the help with flying I doubt very much I would have been able to do as well as I did without you. Appreciate it man.

Barton [2016]

Good afternoon,

I recently took part in the ADF Flight Screening Preparation Course offered by 'Red Baron'. I received a high recommendation later on at my ADF Flight Screening Course and I owe it to the concise, relevant and accurate resources and training that I received from my instructor Matt Morton and the team at Red Baron. The layout of the aircraft cockpit I became familiar with at FSP was near identical to the one I trained in with Red Baron. Similarly, the sorties I flew with Red Baron gave me an opportunity to practice manoeuvres, refine techniques and correct any poor habits that I had developed during previous flight training. Being able to do this in a comfortable and non-assessed environment meant that when I was at FSP, the same errors were not being repeated which would have otherwise negatively impacted my final result. I was also given a plethora of resources, allowing me to prioritise my study and focus on concepts or techniques that I would normally struggle with.  In terms of hospitality, the Red Baron staff came through offering a courtesy car (as I am not local to Bankstown) and a convenient guide to help navigate the area. Matt also took me through a public speaking exercise, which proved to be a highly educational experience as Matt gave me an insight into what the Officer Selection Board would be expecting of me when on FSP.


I'd like to thank Red Baron and Matt in particular for providing me with such invaluable help.

Kindest regards
Ben - [2015]


Hi Mike,

It's Brian, I did a pair of flights with you a few weeks ago as part of the ADF Flight Screening Cram Course at Red Baron. I just got back from Tamworth yesterday, and just wanted to send you an email to let you know the results of my flight screening program.

I'm very pleased to say that I got a recommendation at the end of the program, and that they told me that my rank in the candidate pool was 'quite competitive and likely to remain competitive'. It was a huge help flying with you beforehand as the CT4 pretty much performed similarly to the Robin, and the course content was pretty much identical - they told me that my flying scores were excellent due to my adherence to the workcycles you taught me, and also just being well prepared for each flight.

I just wanted to say thanks again for the course and it definitely helped me get such a fantastic result.

Also I saw you have some testimonials and whatnot on the Red Baron page, so feel free to use mine up there as well if you want!

Thanks again Mike!

Kind regards,

Brian [2016]






Hey Red Baron,

I completed your cram course in November last year and attended a flight screening course in mid November. Upon completion of FSP course I was given a high recommendation by the board. Since then I have received a letter of offer for RAAF Pilot. I would like to thank the team at Red Barron for their professionalism and work ethic. In particular I would like to thank Marcus my instructor in providing an exceptional service. This course was of huge benefit to me as being exposed to similar flying which is conducted at Flight screening gave me the competitive edge in succeeding and gaining a recommendation as a ADF pilot. I would recommend the CRAM course to anyone who wants to pursue a career as an ADF pilot as this course puts you up with the 'competitive' candidates maximising your chances in succeeding in your dream.

Thanks again Marcus and Red Baron.

Mitch - RAAF pilot trainee [2014]


Hey Red Baron,

I'd just like to thank Marcus for instructing me through the Cram Course, his professionalism and superior work ethic allowed me to learn and then excel in all the assessed aspects of flight screening from simple straight and level flight all the way through to aerobatics. This course allowed me to be highly recommended at the flight screening program I attended in November this year. I would not give any hesitations in recommending this Cram Course to anyone about to attend FSP as it gives you the upper hand to get your dream job as a defence force pilot.

Thankyou Marcus and the team at Red Baron, 

Andrew - [2014]




'I would recommend Red Baron's FSP Cram Course, without any hesitation, to anyone embarking on the ADF Flight Screening program. It ensured my time up in Tamworth was spent consolidating knowledge, and allowed me to fly the
best that I possibly could. The instructors' professional knowledge of the services certainly guarantees appropriate ADF flying habits are made and solidified, and would be extremely beneficial to aviators with 1 hour of flight training, or with 1000 hours experience.

I am thrilled to say that I have recently received my Pilot offer for the RAAF and will be starting OTS at the end of March. I would like to thank the entire Red Baron team, and especially my instructor Matt, for his honest critique and encouragement, and also his effective use of Caramello Koalas.'

Caitlyn - RAAF pilot trainee [2014]


'Hey Red Baron,

It's Antonia here - I did the ADF FSP Cram course with Matt in early January.  Just wanted to let you guys know that I got a RAAF Pilot offer last week after getting recommended at FSP.

So just wanted to thank your entire team, especially Matt for the training he gave me - it definitely gave me the upper hand at flight screening.

Having already been taught the flying techniques from Matt, flight screening was enjoyable and fun, and not stressful like it was for the rest!

Thanks again guys!'

Antonia - RAAF pilot trainee [2014]



'Hey Red Baron.  I did the Flight screening prep course a couple of months ago now and I've just received my letter of offer from the RAAF so thats really good news and its due in no small part to you guys so I would like to say thank you, couldn't have done it without you!'

Jack – RAAF pilot trainee [2013]


'To Red Baron,

I would like to say a big thank you to you and your staff, especially Matt.

At the end of December 2010 I undertook a CRAM course with Matt before undertaking the ADF Pilots Flight Screening Agency in Tamworth in January. I highly believe that the tuition that I received from Matt greatly helped me to perform at Flight Screening. As a result I was able to achieve not only the highest possible flying score at Flight Screening (a STANINE of 9) and a recommendation, but I also managed to receive an offer from the Australian Defence Force to become a pilot in the RAAF.

I have just begun my Initial Officers Course at East Sale and am looking forward to continuing my training and career as a pilot in the Australian Defence Force. I am convinced that this may not have been possible without the tuition that I received at Red Baron. Matt provided me not only with flying training, but also tips for how to conduct myself on Flight Screening, and in the Officer Selection Board activities and interview. Many thanks again.'

David - Pilots Course graduate


'Thanks guys for helping me get through flight screening. The techniques you taught me on the CRAM course were the same as what we did on flight screening. Without this course I would not have made it through and I performed better than the guys with a lot more flying experience than me. I'm off to OTS then Pilots Course soon.'

Nick – RAAF pilot trainee


 'To Red Baron,

Thanks very much to Matt and the Red Baron team for the help I received in preparing for a career as an ADF Pilot. The exposure I received to Military style flying and the airborne environment put me in a very good position to do well at Flight Screening and obtaining a position as a Pilot within the Army. I would highly recommend the Red Baron CRAM course for anyone who has a desire to become an ADF Pilot and wants to give themselves the best opportunity to do well through the selection process.


Clint – Army pilot trainee