Courses, Ratings & Endorsements

Red Baron Flight Training offers comprehensive endorsement courses designed to meet three specific goals:

   1.   To train you to fly your aircraft with confidence so you gain the maximum fun and enjoyment from your private flying;

   2.   To train you to a standard of competence and make you a true competitor in the aviation industry job market, and;

   3.   To make you the safest possible pilot you can be, by giving you the ultimate insurance policy - superior skill.

Red Baron Flight Training offers pilot training for all levels of pilots, new and experienced. No matter if you have just achieved your RPL or you're currently in an aviation career, our Aerobatic, Upset Recovery and Emergency Manoeuvre courses are second to none. 

We are the aerobatics, tailwheel, formation and upset recovery training specialists and these courses have been a huge hit with thousands of pilots over the past thirty years. To see why visit our individual course pages.

If you have your heart set on a career as a pilot in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) then Red Baron's ADF Flight Screening Preparation Course, also known as the CRAM Course, is for you. 

If you would like further information on any of our courses or would like to talk to an instructor feel free to contact us.