Wow, I just wanted to write and say a HUGE thanks for Friday, we had a fantastic time and talked about it the whole way home and are really looking forward to doing it again. (Nae, Wagga Wagga)

Avalon 25/02/13

Meeting Legends

Today I met a Legend, Chris Sperou. It's not often you get to meet people that in some one shaped the course of your life. Today I met Chris as well as Skip Stewart, Melissa Pemberton and Mark Jefferies. All these Aerobatic pilots are exceptional and well known for their Air Show and aerobatic careers. But it was Chris Sperou that I watched do a square loop at a Bankstown Airshow about 25 years ago that made me think at the time, I would love to be able to fly like that. Since I started flying I have often thought about that air show and that performance that had many other great examples of skilled flying. I have always admired the career of Chris and followed his exploits. This Avalon will be Chris' last big show, he is retiring after at least 30 years thrilling people like me into the dream of flying and aerobatics. I wish Chris well for the future and hope I can be flying aerobatics well into my 70's.

Skip and Melissa

Off to Avalon Airshow 2013

Avalon Air Show 2013 

I'm heading to Avalon Air Show this year for the first time. I'm not going to be an act there but will be working with one of the international acts, Mark Jefferies flying the Extra 330LX owned by Awesome Aviation based in Perth. 

I met Dieter, the owner of Awesome Aviation, 18 months ago when he came to Sydney to fly the Extra 200 I have. A good friendship was started and I was asked to assist with some of the process' to bring Mark out from the UK to fly Dieters Extra at Avalon. That being said, Mark will be flying the Extra doing displays and I might be doing some media flights in the Extra if needed. 

I will try and make regular updates from Avalon with pics of interesting things I see and the great people I'm sure to meet. I'm looking forward to you seeing a bit of Avalon Air show through my eyes.

Blue Skies, Joel

Awesome Extra330LX

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